Ayush & Wellness Sector
Sr.No. Project Name Project Brief
Approx. Project Size
(INR Cr.)
1 Global Wellness City Establishment and Operation of a Global Wellness City offering integrated AYUSH services 1000.00 View
2 Establishment of Ayurveda Museum Creation of a museum dedicated to Ayurveda showcasing its history, principles, herbs and contributions to healthcare 50.00 View
3 Homeopathic Weight Management Clinic Establishment of specialized Homeopathic Weight Management Clinic offering integrated wellness plans, and expert guidance to achieve weight goals 20.00 View
4 Homeopathic Geriatric Healthcare Center Create a specialized Homeopathic Geriatric Health-care Center offering tailored treatments, and natural solutions, for health needs of elderly individuals 20.00 View
5 Centre for Wellness and AYUSH Treatment (AYUSH Gram) Establishment of AYUSH Gram for holistic wellness practices including traditional therapies, yoga sessions, meditation classes, etc. 20.00 View
6 State-of -Art Yoga and Meditation Centers Development of advanced yoga and meditation centers with state of the-art facilities, experienced instructors and immersive experiences 20.00 View
7 Development of Yoga Therapy Clinics Establishment of Yoga Therapy Clinic offering perso-nalized holistic interventions, collaborating with medi-cal experts, and providing tailored treatment plans 20.00 View
8 Establishment of Yoga Teacher Training Institute Create Yoga Teacher Training Institute fostering skilled instructors through comprehensive curricu-lum, expert faculty and recognized certifications 20.00 View
9 Preventive and Promotive Type of AYUSH Wellness Centers Creating wellness centers that focus on preventive and promotive healthcare using AYUSH principles 20.00 View
10 Establishment of Yoga Retreat and Wellness Center Create Yoga Retreat and Wellness Center offering curated programs, expert guidance, and a rejuvenating ambiance for holistic well-being 20.00 View
11 Establishment of AYUSH Research Centre Establishing a research center focused on advancing knowledge and understanding of AYUSH practices 20.00 View
12 Upgradation, operation and maintenance of 50-Bed AYUSH Hospitals Upgrade, operate and maintain 50 bed State AYUSH hospitals with advanced treatments, integrated therapies, and technology-driven patient care Nainital, Tehri Garhwal, Pauri Garhwal, Champawat 20.00 View
13 Establishment of Yoga Institute Establishment of an institute solely dedicated to the study, practice, and teaching of yoga 20.00 View
14 Establishment of Wellness Institute Creating an institute dedicated to the study and dissemination of holistic wellness practices 15.00 View
15 Homeopathic Pain Management Clinic Establish a focused Homeopathic Pain Management Clinic offering individualized treatments for chronic pain using holistic homeopathic approaches 10.00 View
16 Specialized Wellness Centers or Hospitals Development of specialized AYUSH wellness centers focusing on specific diseases or providing multispecialty AYUSH treatments 10.00 View
17 Pancha-karma & Wellness Equipment Manufacturing Unit Establishment of manufacturing unit to produce equipment used in Panchakarma therapies and other wellness practices 5.00 View
18 Establishment of AYUSH Telemedicine Hub Setting up a telemedicine hub specializing in AYUSH consultations and treatments making holistic healthcare more accessible 5.00 View
19 Establishment of AYUSH Pharmacy Setting up pharmacies that specialize in AYUSH medicines. These pharmacies will be GMP certified, would provide access to authentic and quality AYUSH formulations. 5.00 View
20 Establishment of Homoeopathic Dermatology Centre Create dedicated Homeopathic Skincare Clinic merging holistic remedies with dermatological expertise for diverse skin concerns 5.00 View
21 Homeopathic Allergy / Lifestyle Disorder / Cancer Research Centre Establish a specialized Homeopathic Allergy Clinic offering personalized holistic solutions to alleviate allergy symptoms and sensitivities 5.00 View
22 Upgradation, operation and maintenance of 10-Bed AYUSH Hospitals Upgrade, operate and maintain 10 bed State AYUSH hospitals with advanced treatments, integrated therapies, and technology-driven patient care Tehri Garhwal, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarkashi, Pithoragarh 5.00 View
23 Homoeopathic RCH Centre Establishment of Homoeopathy Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) centre offering personalized treatment plans for children's health concerns 3.00 View
24 Aggregation Platform for herb cultivators and buyers 2.00 View
25 Panchakarma, Naturopathy, Yoga, etc. in existing Homestays Development of Integrated wellness centers offering Panchakarma, Naturopathy, Yoga, and Meditation, into existing homestay accommodations 0.50 View